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The Program Illusion by LCOK (fiction) soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9867214-0-3 Copyright Les Cook

The Program Illusion, somebody is fooling somebody. Man meets woman while traveling Europe. She instructs him of a place to find isolation and release past emotions and preconceived notions of popular culture. After redesigning his person and nullifying past feelings he is offered a job traveling to the Middle East, Pakistan through to China with a female companion as an experiment to see if he truly is a man with a naked mind creating new thought patterns.

Flagrant Vacation the Album by LCOK (fiction) soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9867214-1-0 Copyright Les Cook

A man reexamines past vacations as if going through a photo album. Humor from his wife knowing he longs for past adventure and predicaments as he writes, dreams, and conspires. Understanding the dangers of an irresponsible life while revisiting places like Macau and Venezuela he is in favor of exploring all you can to a limit. All of that said it is time with his children and wife that cancels possibility of another Flagrant Vacation.

Exhilarated by LCOK (fiction) soft cover

ISBN 978-0-9867214-2-7 Copyright Les Cook

Think of the title ‘Exhilarated’, people are forever repeating that feeling of exhilaration and searching for the sensation good or bad. Addictive and surprising three stories covering twenty years to 2010 follow a man through turbulence and volatile stories. Beginning with shock in British Columbia Canada – the character runs to Asia desperate to die in the east of Russia. He finds home in Cambodia thinking he can have stability, but exhilaration succeeds again.




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